Last Update: June 16 2005


Development :

This page contains informations about development of pavuk. Pavuk is developed as an open source project at the Sourceforge. The current sources can be downloaded using anonymous CVS access (See Pavuk CVS page for useful instructions).

You can access the CVS using the following commands:
cvs login
Press enter when asked for password. Now get the data using:
cvs -z3 co pavuk
Afterwards inside the directories all the read-only commands can be used as in any other CVS repository.

It is also possible to have a look at the current code base using the CVS web interface. The CVS includes the source codes as well as the web pages. Fixes, corrections, bug-fixes and patches for both are welcome.

If you have found bugs, good suggestions for improvements or made patches to change anything use the tracking system to get your ideas registered so they are not forgotten. Sometimes it is also a good idea to contact the administrators to inform them.